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Authors & Performers: Rade Obradović and Ana Obradović

Music: Aleksandra Dačić

This presentation is part of the international project Perform Euope, and is realized through the East is Best network.


Music for the performance "The Road to the Moon" was created by artist Aleksandra Dačić with her miniature synth. This act inspired me and my colleague Ana Obradovic to create a story that communicates here and now,and depends on the current influences and reflections. The hallucinatory images, stains, confusion, ambiguity, and gradation that occur in the composition are a good basis for thinking about the interpersonal relationship that constantly evolves on the scene. This is about those often elusive parts of ourselves that we can only awaken through others and that others can foster within us. We notice the good and the bad, light and the dark, the opposing sides of each other, and we keep dancing with them. We did not create the choreography for this performance. Instead, we used elements of contact improvisation, floor work, as well as contemporary dance in general. As a re-performance, we used old patterns, lifts, repetitive behaviors, but now in a modified form, because of the experience itself. We consider where as a partnership we diverge and split, and where we merge, and ask how these

differences can overlap.


Rade Obradović is a performer and artist from Serbia. His career as a performer started in 2016. RAIN (directed by Christian Bakalov, Bulgaria). That was his breakthrough into physical theater and theater of movement. In the following two and a half years, he was a member of the theatre group Mimart. With them, he participated in several performances. He completed 4 modules (Small Academy) at the Center for Contemporary Theater and Performing Arts, guided by Marija Farmer.

HUMAN BEING - snimka predstave


Autor i koreograf: Nigel Charnock 

Poslije predstave The Road to the moon pozivamo vas da ostanete i pogledate hit predstavu Human Being  legendarnog koreografa Nigela Charnocka, suosnivača grupe DV8, a koja je bila izvedena na 13. Tjednu suvremenog plesa. 

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